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The Watershed

FOEC Podcast #1: "Watershed Basics"
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The Watershed

A watershed is the land that water flows across or under on its way to a stream, river, or lake. The Euclid Creek watershed drains into Euclid Creek and its tributaries, which in turn run directly into Lake Erie. The Euclid Creek Watershed encompasses 23.3 square miles in northeastern Cuyahoga County and a part of Lake County. It covers portions of Beachwood, Cleveland, Euclid, Highland Heights, Lyndhurst, Mayfield, Mayfield Heights, Pepper Pike, Richmond Heights, South Euclid, and Willoughby Hills.

Environmental issues in the watershed:

Over-development in headwater and wetland areas removes natural habitats that sequester carbon dioxide, hold and purify pollution, and prevent flooding and erosion.

Chemicals, salt, and litter flow off properties in the watershed  causing degradation of our water quality for drinking, recreation, and wildlife.

Flooding and Erosion occur more frequently due to increased impervious surfaces, loss of floodplain connection, and more intense precipitation patterns.

These are just a few of the issues facing the Euclid Creek watershed that the Friends of Euclid Creek is dedicated to reducing and eliminating. We need communities, businesses, and residents working together for a healthy, vital watershed for all of us.



Conservation sites are lands protected by a conservation agency to preserve the lands' environmental qualities. West Creek Conservancy purchased three sites in the Euclid Creek Watershed with Clean Ohio grants and is now the owner. Owners can donate an easement for the land to be protected in perpetuity. The holder of the easement is in charge of ensuring the land is protected. The Cuyahoga Soil & Water District (CSWD) along with West Creek Conservancy holds the easements of these three sites.  CSWD's Euclid Creek Watershed Program helps to manage the sites. The Friends of Euclid Creek Conservation Committee works with CSWD on projects as needed, such as helping to plan restorations, remove invasives, erect deer fences, restore wetlands, and protect from public encroachment. West Creek Conservancy & Cuyahoga SWCD must approve all work on the sites.

1) Richmond Heights Redstone Run Highland Preserve: 8.71 acre property along a steep ravine tributary to the East Branch of Euclid Creek known as Redstone Run. Property acquired in 2013. The site is heavily wooded. This serves as protection for both sides of the steep ravine. More:

2) Highland Heights Dusty Goldenrod Preserve: 37 acre forested and meadowed land with high quality wetlands and rare plant species. Property acquired 2008-2019. More: For a video tour of the preserve, click here.

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3) Highland Heights Wetland Preserve: 11.87 acre forested wetland complex neighboring the Highland Heights Community Park (along Bishop Road). Property acquired in 2014. More:

Friends of Euclid Creek volunteers are also maintaining a Native Plant Garden in Sims Park, Euclid, Ohio, established October 2019. The garden is not a conservation property.

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